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Steve and his Brother Jonathan

Pals and Co-conspirators

While they might not have admitted to it at the time, these two guys were great friends. They did so many things together and usually had a good time.
Here they are on the beach building sand structures.
Steve always loved Jonathan. He loved having a "little brother" all the rest of his life.
The two are exploring Busch Gardens in Van Nuys, California.
They were both redheads when they were young. Steve was a little blonder. However, Jonathan had red with blond streaks. Women would stop Susan in the store and ask about their hair.
Looks like winter time.
Steve always loved animals. He had a way with them. He could pick them up and do all kinds of things with them and they loved it.
These guys made everything fun. This photo was when we lived in Studio City/North Hollywood area.
Jon looks like he is ready to party.
They would explore almost anything with us.
These guys loved car rides. They would trade front seat and back seat once a year.
I hope the pipe and drink are not real.
Ready for Halloween.
Susan and Steve in Studio City. (1971)
Fun Family Photo.
Susan and Kids in Studio City.

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