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Friends & Family

Steve had many friends. He was always organizing things. He loved his large extended family. He adored his cousins and loved his many aunts and uncles. He loved his grandparents.

He has organized a store in Northridge with his friends Natalie and Michael.
Phil and Dorothy Woodland Family and Hyde home in Sand Canyon, CA. (Christmas 1968.)
This is Yosemite. Jon and Steve always loved their mom. (1972)
The family probably 1975 in Northridge.
Three generations from left to right Phil Woodland (1907-1999), Dorothy Woodland (1909-2002), Susan with Jon, Dave with Steve, Mary Howard (1920-present), Harry Howard (1919-1974). (1988)
Charly and his dog in Studio City (1973)
Death Valley.
Family about 1970
Christmas with Hamster.
Baseball champs.
Charles W. Penrose Tombstone.
Charles W. Penrose Tombstone, Salt Lake City Cemetery.
Family camping trip.
Steve the Camper
Jonathan, Dave's Uncle Bernie Howard, Dave and Steve. Uncle Bernie made one final viste just before he passed away with pancreatic Cancere. This was at our Saratoga home. (1983)
Dave's sister Rose (Elaine), the travel agent in their comp'ed hotel room in San Francisco, Jon, Grandmother Howard, Steve and Dave. (1980s)
Steve and puppy.
On Street in San Francisco on the occasion of Phil and Dorothy Woodland's 50th wedding anniversary. (June 1985)
Another San Francisco street scene with Maylands and Howards. (June 1985)
Steve joined Weight Watchers and hit his goal weight, (May 1988.)
Steve with his grandmother Dorothy Woodland. (2000)
Steve, Jon and Mom. Stein Erickson Lodge Deer Creek, Utah (1999.)
Steve visiting with his Grandmother Mary Howard Vernon in her home in Provo, Utah. (Aug 1999)
Jon, Steve, Susan visiting with their cousin Tiffany McAllister, her husband David and their daughter. (Aug 1999)
Susan, Steve, Dave's sister Bonny, her husband Dan Harps, Dave and Jonathan in West Jordan, Utah (Aug 1999)
Maylands, Gabe, Peter, Katie, Susan's sister Laurel, Susan and Steve. Dave and Jonathan kneeling. This is in Redwood Valley, CA (1990s)
Steve at home in San Jose for Christmas 2003.
Steve with cousin Gabe Mayland, at Mayland home in Redwood Vally, Christmas
Celebrating Jonathan's birthday at Bonny Harp's home in West Jordan. Dave's brother Dan is standing his daughter Jaci is in front, Steve's grandmother, and he are standing behind Jon. March
LaVon Vernon, Jon, grandmother Mary Howard Vernon, Steve. Harps home in West Jordan, Utah same day as party for Jon.
Steve, LaVon and a teddy bear.
Maylands and Howards at Howards' home in Los Altos Hills, Katie, Susan, Laurel, Dave, Steve, with Gabe on the ground. (About 1995.)
More of Maylands and Howards in Los Altos Hills, CA (about 1995)
Steve's friend Mark and he on graduation day from USC (May 1993)
Susan and Steve at his graduation from USC (May 1993)
Woodland cousins: Gabe Mayland (son of Laurel), Mike Hyde (son of Dianne), Steve (son of Susan), Katie Mayland (daughter of Laurel). (July 1998)
Steve, Dave, Gabe Mayland at Mayland home in Redwood Valley (about 2001)
Family photo in 1980s when we lived in Saratoga, CA
In Chicago at Gabe Mayland's graduation from medical school. The family. (2003)
With his favorite cousin, Katie Mayland, in Chicago at Gabe's graduation.2003)
Steve meets his Aunt Nancy Lancaster (Dave's sister), and his first cousin Cheri and her husband Tim Harden for the first time. At the Harden home in Round Rock, Texas. (Mar 2004)
The Howard family threw a big birthday party when Grandmother Howard (now Vernon) hit age 80. This was a very fun party and Steve battled with two cans of silly string at once. This party was in the Lehi, Utah firehouse. (January 2000)
Uncle Rick Howard with Steve at a Howard family gathering in Utah to honor the memory of Harry Howard. Steve was pretty much nuts at this time with his undiagnosed brain tumor. (1991)
Steve and stuffed bear. I can't remember where or when.
When Steve worked at Burger King he got the nickname Bear. (1985)
Steve was a bear. (1985)
Family photo when we lived in Saratoga, CA. (1985)
Maylands and Howards at Howards' Bear Creek Rd, Los Gatos, CA home. (About 1992)
Steve in Chicago visiting Dave's first cousin, Susan Richter before going to Clinton, Indiana for Peck family reunion. (July 1989)
Steve in Clinton, Indiana with Wabash River behind him. (July 1989)
Steve in Clinton, Indiana town fountain. (July 1989)
Dad, Steve, Jon in photo arranged by Grandmother Howard in Provo. (1988)
Jon and Steve with Susan's Uncle Ray Penrose and Aunt Gunda. (Abt 1985)
Howard Family Photo taken in Provo, Utah (Abt 1988)
Steve with Dave's Uncle Jim Peck at family reunion in Clinton, Indiana. (July 1989)
Mama Liberata in Buenos Aires, Argentina (1985)
At Claridge Hotel in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Steve's favorite Aunt Janet Howard.
Steve and Dad (June 1988)
Steve with Dave as Santa
Howard Family in Saratoga.
Steve Showing his first Paycheck from Burger Kind. When we lived in Saratoga.
At Dodger Game
Dressed up as Bear Howard (1985)
More Bear (1985)
Dave and Steve traveling.
Right after brain surgery. (1991)
Buying Mothers' Day present in San Antonio, Texas (Mar 2004)
Broken Foot. Los Altos Hills (1999)
Dave's first cousin, Pat Vernon, Jonathan, Susan and Steve at Pat's home in Palo Alto, CA (Christmas eve 2002)
Steve's last visit to Provo, Utah with LaVon Vernon and Grandmother. He was suffering from the effects of congestive heart failure and was filling up with liquid. (Mar 2004)
Steve and his grandmother (2004)

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