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Steve was a Cute Baby

Steve's mother, Susan, adored Steve. He was her buddy and playmate. He loved her as well.
He received his name and blessing in USC Student Ward the day this picture was taken.
Steve learned to smile early on and steal his mother's heart.
Steve pointing the way.
I was a proud and happy dad.
Steve loved to ride the rocking horse.
This photo was taken in our front yard on 38th place, LA.
Steve and his mom while expecting Jonathan in driveway of house on 38th place.
We lived in a Mormon enclave on 38th place near USC. In the little place in front lived Susan's cousin, Bruce Miller and his wife Elaine. Their son Mark is Steve's cousin and here they are sharing a ride.
Aunt Lisa Christopherson.
Steve learned to swim on 38th place.
Steve's cousin Mark Miller and Steve swimming together.
We would have parties in the driveway which was most our yard. The neighbors would bring over their pools and a good time would be had by all. Looks like today's treat included ice cream cones.
We see that Jonathan has now learned how to handle the water hose. The little girl is Stacey Fancesconi.
Steve would help me wash the car
Steve really knew how to get into it when it came to washing the car.
Steve liked to help drive the car as well.
Steve became an explorer at an early age.
Steve was pretty old before he was able to walk on his own. But he was a fabulous crawler. They say this helped him develop his eye hand coordination and made him a better reader as well.
He may not have walked very early but he did become a great reader. He is using his dad's glasses to read the unabridged dictionary.
Steve was won over to the University of Southern California early on. He wound up with two diplomas from USC and a tattoo on his arm "USC"
Our tiny little 38th place home in background. Maybe 900 square feet. I was building a cinder block bookshelf and accidentally hit Steve in the forehead. This is when we came back from the emergency room.
Steve was a happy little kid. Every day wasn't perfect but for the most part he was usually upbeat and happy. He had such a zeal for life.
The most wonderful thing in the world happened to Steve when his mom brought home his new little brother Jonathan. He had to hold him. He loved him immediately.
This was our third wedding anniversary, June 23, 1968, with our two kids and Susan the most wonderful mother.
Susan took her two kids to Salt Lake City for them to meet the family there in 1968. This photo was taken in the Woodland home.
Steve saw his mother play with Jonathan. He wanted to play with him as well. Here he insisted on holding him in his lap.
These two little guys made our living in abject poverty as starving college students one of the best times of our lives. They had fun with each other and kept us on the run constantly.
Jonathan meant Steve always had a playmate. He always had projects. He loved to boss Jonathan around. For the most part they got along very well.
They were creative in their fun.
Steve always loved Jonathan. He loved having a "little brother" all the rest of his life.

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