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This page was written by Steve and was part of his original website. We have added the film clip

Here are some films we're proud to be a part of here at Dark Optimist Media (with clips coming soon) Give them a look, and let us know what you think.


Some students just don't want to learn the easy way...


Because there's more to being a fan than just watching the game...

[Click here to see a clip of Steve directing himself and then a brief scene. This story is about a couch potato sports fan.]


From the folks who brought you FAN, here's a behind the scenes look of that film, including interviews, reactions, and more.

[Steve did most of the taping for FAN. He did many scenes and even had other actors come in and play parts. He intended to edit it all together. However he left it an unfinished work. We will eventually attempt to post some of the better clips.]

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